About Us


We are a firm of passionate entrepreneurs dedicated to solving business challenges for the hospitality industry by doing the right thing and giving the true advice no matter how difficult.  With our atypical approach and unique work culture, we unleash the true potential of business ideas and bring sustainable results specific to each client’s requirement. 

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    The unrivalled value added of Bridge.Over is its diverse team of consultants who work together to solve business challenge in an integrated way. The only common denominator is our shared ambition to enable  our clients’ companies, businesses and ideas to reach their highest potential.

  • Our clients

    Our clients

    Our clients are entrepreneurs, long term private investors, family-owned businesses, midsize companies and small companies on the verge of change. They are all still small enough to be driven by passion, but large enough to understand that what got them here won’t get them any further.



    At Bridge.Over, we believe that collaboration and collective intelligence are often the keys to the most complex business challenges. We work closely with our large network of past and present clients, suppliers, partners and media to brain storm about markets dynamics, upcoming trends and business opportunities.

Why it all started

We created Bridge.over in order to address a niche in the hospitality industry. We got together because we believe that there are many individuals and companies with non-standardized mandates who lack the time, the expertise or the resources to realize ideas outside their normal course of business and we have the capability to help them.

Selected profiles

  • Aradhana Khowala

    Managing Partner, London

    Valuation finance strategy expert for the hospitality industry

    Aradhana has been Managing Partner at Bridge.Over Group since 2008 and overseen the rapid growth of its consulting business. Passionate about people and transforming businesses, her combined experience in the hotel and consulting industry has spanned Asia, Middle East and Europe over the last 14 years. Prior to Bridge.Over Group she was working for Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels in London. Her particular interest lies in helping hotels and owners with strategic reviews, turnaround restructuring, profit improvement plans and operational appraisals. Aradhana has a bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management from IHM Mumbai in India, an MBA in International Hospitality from Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland and an Advanced Program in Hotel Real Estate Investments from Cornell University, New York. 

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  • Alexandra Charalampidou

    Managing Partner, Beijing

    Finance and strategy expert for hotelsAlexandra has 8 years of experience in financial consulting, project finance and investment finance. She has advised clients in the hospitality industry on corporate strategy, concept creation, new ventures assessment, performance improvement and project management. She holds a bachelor degree in Interpretation and Languages and an MBA in International Hospitality from the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne. Prior to setting up bridge.over, Alexandra worked for KPMG and private investors in London. Currently she splits her time between Switzerland and China.

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