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Conception of a new midscale hotel brand

Create a new hotel concept for the travellers of the 21st century in developing markets.


A few visionary investors within the hospitality industry came up with the idea of creating a completely new hotel chain that would cater to the needs of the ever growing middle class in developing markets. Traditionally, developing markets are flooded with either luxury international chains with no understanding of the local market or local independent hotels with no understanding of scale. Bridge.over was mandated to make this new hotel chain a reality.


Bridge.over led a team of hospitality, branding and China experts, and conducted the necessary market studies for the positioning of the new chain, and the market opportunity within China. It became clear that the chain needed to be affordable but with a technological edge while still stylish. Bridge.over coordinated the development of the Tangram hotel concept, estimated the investment requirements as well as the development plan for the new brand.


Tangram has currently 2 hotels in operation, in China and in Iraq and another 10 projects in China and South East Asia, as well as the Middle East and Africa. The implementation of the concept of Tangram has proven to be very successful and customer reviews consistently rate it high in their preferences as a no-nonsense smart and stylish hotel within their budget. Bridge.Over Group continues to work with Tangram for the expansion of the brand and the operational fine-tuning of the concept.

"Bridge.over led a team of hospitality, branding and China experts."